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Step-by-step sleep plans for any age

Expecting to 4 months

Not all perfect babies are born perfect sleepers. We’ll help you rest easier from the very start.

4 1/2 to 6 months

Loving your baby but losing your cool at bedtime? We can help you get serious about sleep.

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6 months to 6 years

No matter how long you’ve struggled with sleep routines, we’ll help create a plan that sticks.

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Our philosophy

Inside every child is a good sleeper. But how do you let them out? Through the practice of Gentle Sleep Coaching, Elizabeth helps you create step-by-step sleep plans that really work, with less crying and worrying all around.

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Elizabeth helped us create a plan to teach Eloise how to put herself to sleep with minimal crying. I was skeptical, but massive improvement was seen after only a few days! And now a month later, we are all sleeping through the night again and are all much happier people!

Jen & Brock, St. Louis Park, Minnesota

Elizabeth did an excellent job of incorporating things that were important to us as parents and our desire to avoid cry-it-out techniques so that we were comfortable. We cannot express enough gratitude for Elizabeth – our family is finally getting the rest we need so we can be active and patient with one another when we are awake!

Heather & Dwayne, Minneapolis, Minnesota

After meeting with Elizabeth and deciding upon a go forward strategy, our daughter is now in bed by 7:45 pm or earlier. It’s amazing! We love all our new-found free time! We are very grateful for Elizabeth’s services and advise any parent who’s been struggling with their child’s sleep to give her a call.”

Nikki & Andy, Edina, Minnesota

We can't begin to thank you enough, Elizabeth! Lucy went from waking up every two hours throughout the night to now sleeping for 12 hours straight. Your plan works and we are so grateful!

Jenny & Jake, Edina, Minnesota
May 17, 2017 in Baby Sleep Problems, Bedtime, Early Rising, Night Waking, Sleep Coaching

Sleep Coaching and Night Feeding

One of the most common sleep associations that I run into when working with a family is feeding to sleep – whether it’s nursing or relying on a bottle. Often…

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March 6, 2017 in Baby Sleep, Bedtime, Early Rising, Naps, Sleep Coaching

Spring Forward: Preparing for Daylight Savings Time

Not sure how to tackle this adjustment for your little one? I’ll make it simple by providing three options on shifting your day. Daylight savings will take effect this Sunday,…

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December 7, 2016 in Baby Sleep, Baby Sleep Problems, Sleep Coaching, Toddler Sleep Problems

Tips for Avoiding Holiday Sleep Disruptions

Here we are, in the thick of holiday celebrations and events! This time of year brings so much fun and joy – but it can also bring bedtime battles, middle…

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November 2, 2016 in Baby Sleep, Bedtime, Sleep Coaching

Getting Ready for Daylight Savings: Fall Back!

I personally love the fall and all the beautiful weather we have been rewarded with in Minnesota. But as we wrap up Halloween and make our way into November, the…

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