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By January 28, 2016Sleep Products

When I work with families, I provide insights on sleep products for babies and toddlers that are helpful in those first few years and have created a Pinterest board with my favorites.  These magical sleep products are ones that we use in our house, so they are tested and approved with my family’s seal of approval!

Sound Machines

I have become a big believer in the power of the sound machine. So much so, we have one in each of our boys rooms and outside our own!  We prefer the Marpac Dohm Sound Machine, which uses forced air versus synthetic noise as a way to block noises at a broad range. And with two speeds and adjustable tone and volume, you can control the sound environment with a simple twist! This is also something that I recommend building into the bedtime routine – with a flip of a switch when you enter their room, the sound signals the beginning of bedtime and puts your little one on the path to zzzz’s.

Swaddles & Sleep Sacks

These snuggly wearable blankets are helpful in keeping children warm, as well as controlling the startle reflex in young babies when wrapped in a swaddle.  For swaddling, there are options that help you secure a hold or you can learn how to use a muslin blanket to create your own swaddle.  My favorites are the Halo sleepsack and Aden & Anais Muslin blankets.  As your child moves from the swaddle, Halo makes wearable blankets that continue to keep baby and toddler warm while avoiding loose bedding in the crib.

Lovey’s & Blankies

A security object can be a tremendous help in giving your child something that they can turn to that provides comfort at bedtime and throughout the night.  Aden and Anais make a wonderful smaller version of their swaddle blankets that are made out of the same breathable muslin fabric. But any lovey or stuffed animal will work as you figure out what provides your child comfort will go a long way to helping them fall asleep on their own.  If your child isn’t showing any particular interest in a lovey, I suggest parents start incorporating one into bedtime routines and give the lovey an identity.  “Blankie loves to snuggle in your warm bed and go night-night”.  “Blankie is so excited to sleep in your crib with you!”.  It might sound silly, but it will help establish an attachment that will be incredibly beneficial for both you and your child.

Gummy Bear Red Night Light

This adorable portable light is perfect for those middle of the night feedings and navigating around the nursery in those early months. Studies show that red light has the least power to shift circadian rhythm and suppress melatonin and is recommended for not just children, but adults if a nightlight is needed.  

Night and Wake Clocks

As your infant become a toddler and moves to a toddler bed, an “okay to wake” clock could be useful if your child is leaving their bedroom to pay a visit to your room in the middle of the night or early morning.  There are multiple brands that make this type of clock, but the idea behind it is that the clock will change color or provide some other indicator when it’s nighttime versus daytime (and thus, time to get out of bed).  I recommend that the earliest a toddler move to a bed is 2.5 years old because up until that age, they do not cognitively understand what it means to stay in bed at night.  These clocks will further reinforce the idea of staying in bed until it’s time to wake up!  A few favorites are the Tot Clock and The Good Night Light.

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About Elizabeth Sarles

Elizabeth Sarles is a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach and the owner of Nite & Day. She lives in Edina, Minnesota with her husband Lien, two little guys – Lien and Harrison, and her first baby (and bed-hog), Eddie the Yorkie.

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  • Shannon says:

    I have to second you on the Dohm sound machine – simply the best!!!! Another product we love, for those who give their kids pacifiers, are the Wubba Nubs (the pacifiers with little stuffed animals on them). These basically replaced the need for loveys with our kids and made it SO EASY to wean them from the pacifier! Once they start biting through we just gradually cut it down until it was gone but, your child still has the security of the stuffed animal.

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