Sleep coaching for babies, toddlers and children 6 months to 6 years

It’s never too late to learn healthy sleep habits. Let us help you guide your child to happier bedtimes through toddlerhood, preschool and beyond.

What to expect

Starting with your in-person consultation, we assess your child’s sleep history, sleeping environment, feeding schedule, bedtime routine, and other factors. We use that background to create a step-by-step sleep plan that fits your goals and parenting philosophy. We’re with you all the way, including follow-up calls to keep your sleep plan on track.

What you get

  • 1 ½ to 2 hour in-person consultation (Skype option available for those outside of the Twin Cities metro area)
  • Personalized and detailed sleep plan
  • Nursery assessment to create an environment for restful sleep
  • Four follow-up calls for use in the two weeks after you begin sleep training
  • Two weeks of email support to answer any questions you may have
  • A sleep log to track your child’s progress against your plan
  • A copy of “Good Night, Sleep Tight” by Kim West LCSW-C
  • Resources that address common sleep topics, from naps to daylight savings
  • If interested in coaching for twins or siblings (2 children), total package cost is $675 – please contact Elizabeth directly for details

Secure your spot now:

Sleep coaching – 6 months to 6 years

Cost: $450.00